Monday, December 14, 2009

Woooo Whoooo

We had a great time at my husband's Company Christmast Pary! They had a limo pick us up...It was awesome! I bought a new dress and shoes. We had our 18 y/o son babysit overnight so we could completely relax! We had such a great time dancing and laughing..It was wonderful to ignite the passion in our marrage!

Then I totally lost my mind and decided to bake Spritz cookies with the princess and they're were sprinkles EVERY WHERE! She was double fisting sprinkles into her
With all of the craziness I was able to create a few new necklaces, which have been a huge success! Here is a preview pic:
I am also currently running a shop special...Choose Your Sale....Buy 2 Get 1 Free OR Spend $10.00 and receive free shipping...check it out here

Wishing you all a happy and peaceful Holiday Season,


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Some New and Totally Cool Pendants!

Gotta LOVE these Peace Sign Scrabble Tile Necklaces...take a look at them here: I just love all of the colors. Just a short post today to spread the news of my new products but gotta finish my Salon display and get ready for my last show of this year! Here is a pic of one of the new Hair Clippie's I have added this week..

Thanks for looking and I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving!


Monday, November 16, 2009

I'm Paying It Forward, Will You Help?

Not so long ago I was a single Mother of 3 little boys. We struggled financially but I was always too proud to ask for help. I gathered a handful of my jewelry including diamonds to take and cash in for some groceries, I only received $40. I didn't care it was food for my kids...One day a very sweet neighbor who's daughter played with my son, knocked at my door and handed me a box full of food. It was an entire Thankgiving dinner in a box...I cried as I took the box and I will never forget her compassion for me and my kids.
I am not one to donate money as I am always suspicious of where it is actually going. This year a friend sent me some information on the opportunity I have been looking for to give something back. The Opportunity Council of Bucks County has allowed me to sponsor a family in need for Christmas. I am so excited about this!
As some of you may know I lost my home in 2006, and we have struggled to get back on our feet but we are doing it! I know I can give this family the minimum of $30 per person but with your help I can do so much more...
My Adopted family is a 32 y/o Mom, a 14 y/o girl and a 9 y/o boy. Mom got laid off from her job and is struggling to make ends meet. She needs clothes and help with utilities, food etc.. The girl needs a winter coat and the boy loves football and sports...The one thing the boy asked for was an xbox 360 or DS i, he knows they are expensive but listed it anyway.. If you are willing to donate money, gift cards to Redner's, JCPenny, Marshalls, Ross etc.. I will gladly send you a receipt for a tax right off if you would like. I will also take a picture of the items we were able to donate before I drop them off.
You could mail them to me at: Janette Paglianite, PO Box 125, Ferdale, PA 18921 or you can send money through PayPal to: (just note that it is for the Adopt a Family Christmas in the notes)
Please Help Me, Help Them!
God Bless,

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Time To Give Thanks...

It's that time know when you put on that extra 5 lbs or so...
Thanksgiving! I love the smells and all of the different flavors of the Holidays, don't you... I am looking forward to spending Thanksgiving differently this year...with a really special HS friend and her family....
Ava is talking up a storm these days, mostly yelling NO...but she says it so My 18 y/o Braeden has moved into his own apartment...wooo hoo for him and me! My oldest son Sean is in the US Army and just moved to Ft. Bragg, NC with his new wife Felecia and there he will be Airborne. He still has a while before deployment, so I am very Thankful for that. Ryan is 15 but still my Baby Boy, he is in honors classes and very much into body building these days! Look out ladies...
Business has been up and down for me...unfortunately! I am doing a craft show at Palisades H.S. on November 21st, let's hope it is a good turn out. I am making myself a promise to get all of my guide classes in for my new Bernina by the beginning of January....then I will be able to offer embroidery. I can't wait to do that, it will open so many other crafting doors for me...

Here are some adorable Earrings and Hair Clippies I have made for my shops and craft shows:
Thanks for reading and have a wonderful Thanksgiving Everyone! Jen {{{hugs}}}

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Chilly and Chillin'

Wooo Whooo it is COLD outside....
I don't really like to be cold but I love the cold weather season....Does that make sense??lol
I couldn't live without winter completely but I would like to experience Fall first. It is getting cold to quickly. I decided to take some time away from the business and relax and then business picked up....Murphy's Law right?!
So here I sit with the hubby watching the Nascar race on tv and making Holiday Hair Clippies for a sizeable wholesale order that needs to ship first thing on Monday.
I have been sewing my buns off making Christmas Ornaments and Tooth Fairy Pillows.
Please keep checking my shops for the new holiday products I will be adding. Oh and I added my Little Pags Boutique Facebook page here to the right, click on it and add yourself as a fan to follow my business updates and be entered to win a free product!!!
Thanks for reading,

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Loving This Fall Weather!!!

I love the fall....It is my favorite time of the year! The smells and colors, Carnival and Craft Shows etc... I also get the itch to quilt in the fall. I am working on a beautiful Quilted Tree Skirt for myself...I will post a pic when it is complete.
Life has been busy as usual. My oldest son Sean, who is in the US Army is on the move again to who knows where in about a month...So I am anxiously awaiting the state/country where he will be going. My middle son Braeden has just signed his 1st lease on a apartment with his cousin and will move out on Sept. 24th. Exciting for him but I am a bit sad and nervous for him. Then Ryan is back to school and taking College level english class and he is only in 10th grade. Then let's not forget the Princess who is in the terrible 2 stage!!!! Ahhh, It's all exhausting...
I have been busy creating some fall goodies for my shops that I will be adding tonight. Here are some pics:

I will be running some fall specials so check and for details!

Have you started your Christmas Shopping yet??? I have...Yeah!

Thanks for reading,


Friday, September 4, 2009

Sometimes You Have To Dig Deep....

Sometimes I feel like I have to dig so much deeper to find my happy place! Ever feel like that? I know I have it better than a lot of other people do but life just seems so hard at times. I have lots to be grateful for but every now and then I just wish things were easier or would go as I planned, you know?! Maybe it is just lack of sleep!

I have been working on some cute Fall Felt Hair Cippies and trying my hand at some new things. More Tooth Fairy Pillows will be coming to in the next week or so! I will be running random weekly specials through September in both of my shops so please keep checking them.
I am really enjoying watching Ava grow. I guess because I am an older Mom and at a slower pace than when I had my other children but I get so much joy from her laughter and listening in her doorway while she sings along with the music video's on Noggin. Here is a recent pic.

As Always, Thanks for reading :)


Saturday, August 8, 2009

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Isn't that soooo true?! Well, and the Happily Ever After.

I want to have fun but I had to get some work done first so...tada! More scrabble tile necklaces:

I am also running an early Back to School Special in my Etsy Shop. It is a BOGO 1/2 Off Sale...This sale will run until Sept. 1st

Okay, Now the Fun Part....I bought Ava a baby pool and Wow best $12.99 I ever spent. She loves it and doesn't want to get out, which means no running away down the street or hanging out at the edge of our pond! Peace for Mom.

And Lastly...The Happily Ever After Part: Daddy and I got a babysitter for the 1st time and went to the Pocono 500 Race...It was Awesome!

Thanks for reading :O}


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Whatcha Working On Wednesday???

Here is what I have been TRYING to work on with the princess around!LOL Some really cute new clippies for Fall. Introducing Gordon and Gretta Ghost! Aren't they cute?!

Much less scary then their cousin Butch, who is already listed on my website's ( and

I will be adding more Fall and Winter Treasures to my Log Cabin Crafters site so be sure to check there for some awesome CLOSEOUT deals!

Thanks for reading!

Monday, July 6, 2009

I've been MIA for a while!!

Busy Busy Busy!
I haven't been able to find time to post lately. I moved on June 15th to Ferndale, PA. Nice home on 7 acres... Braeden graduated H.S., Ava had her 2nd Bday, Daddy had his 42nd Bday and we drove to Fort Jackson, SC on Tuesday and watched Sean graduate basic training in the US Army!!! Wow was it hot there.... It took us 12 hours to get there, plus we got lost for a short while then 10+ hours home on Thursday morning. The baby was great the entire trip....couldn't believe it!
I have been doing craft shows in Peddler's Village every 2 weeks and have another one this coming weekend. Can't wait to start all of my Fall goodies...I am slightly behind.
Thanks for reading....Enjoy your summer!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

What a Good Idea!!!

Okay, so I was sitting and pondering the other night about what I could do to help myself at the Craft Shows. See my cheesy table cloth's are from the dollar store and they are very thin (not making enough money yet to afford real ones) so when the wind blows they lift causing my light hair clippies to go flying. I feel like a fool running to catch them or customers running to catch them (sweet but even worse). So I came up with this idea...I used pieces of old fabric and created these cute little nine patch quilts then stuffed them with pellets and fiber fill. I added a piece of ribbon for a loop then purchased the name tag clips from Walmart...WaLa Table Cloth Weights!!! I am pretty proud of myself. And they are cute too.

I have another show next Sunday at Peddler's Village, PA in Penn's Purchase Center from 11am - 5pm so come out and see me Under My Tent...LOL (No more sunburn for me thanks).

Thanks for reading.....Show me the $$$$$

Monday, May 25, 2009

One Crispy Memorial Day Weekend!!!

Well I had my 1st show this weekend at Penn's Purchase in Peddler's Village, PA. It was sort of slow, but I believe it was because of the Holiday. Most people were probably at the shore...Hopefully! Sales were okay, not great and I got the worst sunburn I have had in years:( I haven't slept in days. The tops of my ears are so burned and swollen...I even used sunblock several times but the sun was just too strong. I guess I will put up my tent next time...Dah!

I met some really nice ladies and had fun just talking to customers and relaxing without the Schmave for a change. Isn't it funny how much you complain about your kids but when you are away from them you miss them terribly!LOL The rest of the weekend was very relaxing. We started moving some things into the new house and played outside the rest of the time.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and aren't too upset about having to get back to work tomorrow.

Smile it could be worse:)


Monday, May 18, 2009

Gotta Love Gettin Older!!!

Okay... so I ran out of my favorite lipstick and when I went to read the label on the bottom I almost died...I couldn't read it. It was all blurry...Wow! I have always had 20/20 vision, I never thought that I would need glasses but...TaDa! I went for an eye check-up and I needed reading glasses.. Nothing major only +125 but I still can't get used to it and everytime someone walks in the room I whip them off quick cause I'm afraid they'll laugh...Time to put on my big girl panties and realize it's inevitable, it happens to all of us eventually... This is another new Clippie Holder that will be added to my website's soon...Ella Elephant Clippie Keeper. She is available for $5.50 and can be found here: or So if you are local I will be attending a Craft Show this coming weekend 5/23 and 5/24 form 11:00-5:00pm at Penn's Purchase in Peddlers Village, Pa Come and check out some really great vendors and shops and say hello.

Have a Great Week Everyone!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Never a dull moment in my life.....

Ha Ha had to add this picture of Ava on her 1st ever mall ride. She was terrified! Pour kid...No I didn't make her stay on it more than 2 seconds for this picture. I wouldn't want to scar her for life.

I have always been a big Eyore fan because I can relate to that big black cloud that follow's him around raining on him all of the time.
I am just shocked at the amount of mean, money hungry, selfish people there are in the world. Doesn't anyone believe in God anymore and believe in the Golden Rule and just plain kindness toward each other? Once again I have been a victum of a creep looking for money from my family that he does not deserve. How do these kinds of people sleep at night.
We are moving AGAIN....Hechtic but totally worth it for the space. BUT before we found this place we were looking at another place and thought we liked it after being rushed through it, then went to meet with owner to sign the lease and again were rushed and he sent his partner who was a double talker, liar and all around swindler. We reluctantly signed the lease and gave him a ck, he never gave us the lease.
The next day we walked around it outside and saw a ton of safety issues and called him and told him that we no longer wanted to rent it and why. He waited 2 days and called us threatening to take us to court and then demanded money from us so that he will just go away. This is shocking, I am not made of money and the only money we have to spare right now is to take our family to SC to see my son graduate from the Army. It just makes me sick...Thank goodness we took pictures of the property to prove the hazzards to our 2 y/o if we lived there because they were made aware of them twice in week and did nothing to fix it.
On a better note: I have my 1st show at Penn's Purchase in Peddlers Village coming up on May 23rd...Yah...Can't wait. I love meeting new people and seeing how much they enjoy my products. I have been creating tons of new clippies and necklaces etc.. I have been busy writing letters to Sean and creating handmade cards for him. Here is one of the cards I made for him this morning:

I am so excited to see him graduate and I can only imagine how handsome he must look in his uniform. I buy almost all of my graphics from Digiscrapkits. Her graphics are awesome!!! No Commercial license needed for her graphics ever!!!!! Well worth it. Anyway I am also working on some Military goodies, like necklaces and plaques. You should see them in my shop within a month or two depending on how well the move goes....LOL

If you have any thing in the Military Line that you would like to suggest let me know by leaving me a comment. This is new for me so I would appreciate the suggestions. It is also a great way for me to connect to other Military Moms, Wives etc...

Thanks for looking & listening!!!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fun With Felt!

Check Out These Cuties! I have been playing with Felt Again and came up with these. I have tons of designs all over my counter top and now I have to sew them together. If you are interested in them you can find them in my shops: or

If you are local and would like to see some of my work in person, I will be presenting my crafts at Penn's Purchase Outlets in Peddlers Village, PA on May 23rd from 11:00am to 5:00pm. It is a beautiful area with upscale shoppes and dining. Hope to see you there.

Family News: Sean is now in Basic Training. He is sending lots of positive letters home, which makes my heart sing.... Braeden is looking forward to graduation in June, Ryan is looking forward to Summer and being able to sleep in and of course Ava is babbling up a storm and loves to walk around the house in Mommy's high heels! That's my girl!LOL

Till next time.....Jen

Monday, April 13, 2009


Okay! I am ready to admit it, I am a Scrap-a-holic...Who knew? I mean how could I have known it would happen to me?LOL
Thanks to an old H.S. friend who recently took me Scrapbooking with her and I saw and touched all of these neat Scrapping toys...I had to have it! Like I already have every tool possible for every imaginable craft! I thought my DH was gonna die! It bit me and so I of course went to Ebay and bought myself the Cricut Machine and then I had to have the Cuttlebug....Does it ever end? I am having so much fun....So as usual to reason the purchase to my DH I have to sell some of my creations. I will be listing flower packets for scrapbooking in my Etsy shop by the end of this week.
So I really need to know if anyone uses their Cutterbug to cut out fabrics or wool felt shapes? This was my purpose for buying it and I have not been successful at it so far.
On the other business front: I have some new necklaces that I will be listing on Log Cabin Crafters Eshop this week. Check em out:
I have been seeing a huge jump in Etsy sales lately. I sincerely hope it is because people are buying more, not because others have closed their shops.
I am going to be busy packing to move AGAIN! That is move #3 in 3 years. Atlease I am almost totally clutter free now!LOL
Well until tomorrow.. Jen

Monday, April 6, 2009

Who? What? Where?

Ever have one of those days when you feel like you just can't keep it all straight in your head?! That is me these days! I have such a crazy life but I really wouldn't want it any other way...I think that is what is keeping me so young looking!!!LOL
My son (Private Kindess, I love it...sounds kinda funny doesn't it) just left for the Army on the 30th of March....I was not taking it very well at first but after hearing from him on the phone a few times I feel much better about it. He says it is hard but he likes it! Good for him. I couldn't be more proud. Pour little Ava runs around the house looking for him when I mention his name. It is so cute. I am hoping to teach her his name before we go to his graduation in Ft. Jackson.

Here is a new cutie for my shop:

She is Tess the Turtle. She is a Hair Clippie Holder. You can find her at I will also be offering supplies in my shop, such as: fabric, die cut flowers etc... I have got lots of new ideas brewing!

Thanks for reading,


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sleepy Sunday!

Ahhhhh...Sunday Afternoon!
Baby and Daddy are napping, all of the other kids are out for the day and I am posting. I love my quiet time on the computer or what ever I decide to do in peace!!!

I decided to finalize my taxes and get them mailed out tomorrow...Horray! Here was my other project this weekend:

Yes.... another custom order for a Dippin' Dots Scrabble Tile Necklace from my Etsy shop. It is nice to see retail picking up. I also added a new Bow PonyO to my shop, here is the pic:
Just in case someone doesn't know what a ponyO is I added the picture to the right, hopefully it is self explanatory.
I love making these types of hair bows, I just wish my daughter would wear them in her hair for more than 2 seconds. She is constantly rubbing her eyes because her hair is dangling in them but as soon as I put a clip in it she rips it right out.! Oh well I am sure she will love them when she is older, cuz she already LOVES shoes..LOL right ladies!
Thanks for reading and please check back this week because I am gonna run another giveaway soon for some Hair Clips.
And Don't Forget to visit and sign up for the email notification to purchase your April Box...I'm in it! OH AND go to and click on the link for the Easter Egg Hunt it is gonna be lots of fun and I donated a Bunny Bucket as one of the prizes! OH OH and I am also running a 10% Off your 1st order in my site with Coupon Code: SPRING09
Blessings Yall~

Thursday, March 19, 2009

What have I been up to you say? Well....

Here is a new set of clippies for spring..I loaded them onto my Shop and they sold within an hour! Horray!! They are on their way to Maine. Then I went ahead and loaded the Scottie. I LOVE Scottish Terriers. I was raised with one then bought 2 of my own (Mac and Alley). They had 17 Puppies that were so darn cute...Anyway long story short when we moved 2 years ago I had to give them away, we had to rent and weren't aloud to have pets :(
I miss them sooo much!
So if you are keeping track that is my second sale this month on Etsy...Let's hope retail picks up! On the other business front: Log Cabin Crafters has partnered with several other business' to run a Huge Easter Egg Hunt and the prize is gonna be Awesome. Go to and read all about it on the clickable link on my home page.
Also check out our samples in the April box from Out of the Box Sampler. I sent in several different product samples and discount cards. Hop on over to Michelle's shop and put your name on her mailing list so that you will be notified when they are up for grabs!!
On the home front things couldn't be better! The kids are loving the warm weather and so do I because they are outside most of the time...LOL I am getting lots of things done around the house and starting to look into creating some new products using Wool Felt. I have been a Scrapbooking Fool lately too...Gosh it is so much Fun.. I went scrapping with a few girlfriends from H.S. Last weekend from 5-12am What a blast!!!! I guess I will be making and selling cards soon too. What's next? I can see my husbands eyes rolling right now!
Till next time....God Bless

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Lovin' Life....

What A GREAT WEEKEND~~~~~The weather here in PA was nice and warm. No sunshine but I am actually thankful for that because I was in sewing all weekend. Thank goodness for my sweet loving husband Frank. He took Ava outside and played with her all weekend so that I could catch up on my sewing projects...It was a little muddy out there so check out how he dressed Schmave (her nick name)

She loves playing outside with Daddy and I LOVE it too. I got a lot done this weekend. We managed to sneak in a couple of good naps too...

So here is a pic of what I have been working on. They are small Sensory/Security blankets. The bigger one is a custom order for a friend of mine,(Hope she likes it)!

On the other Family Front: Sean is starting to get nervous about Boot Camp...As you can see here he is researching all sorts of things on his laptop, taking it all very seriously. He has begun his own physical training and trying to quit smoking... You Go Boy!!!!He is also enjoying his time spent with his brothers and sister.
I am going to try to post at least three times this week, yeah...We'll see....

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Playing Catch Up...

I am sitting here at 12:45am reading the blogs that I follow and posting comments... How crazy is that? I had a busy few weeks and things are starting to calm down...finally!

I sent some of my goodies into Out Of The Box Sampler for their April box...I really am excited about it. I hope I get lots of business from it....So head over and buy a box, you wont be disappointed.

I finally had an Etsy sale..I haven't had a sale there since November and I am still waiting for my first sale on I added a bunch of new stuff there too so check them out.

I really miss my sewing machine...It is calling me but I just cant find the time to sew. My head is realing with all of the ideas I want to start creating...BUT I just started a Crochet class tonight because I learned to Crochet when I was a little girl from my Grandmom and I only ever knew one stitch and couldn't read a pattern etc.. Now I know it was the Single Crochet Stitch I have been using all of these years! This lovely lady has given me homework and I am making a purse...We will see how it turns out.

Well off to get my beauty rest~

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Work, Work, Work....

Wow...I have been working so hard on some final details of my new website! I can't believe how many hits I have already. I love Primmart! I have been working on tons of new Hair Clippies for and Vita Essentials Salon in Sellersville, PA.
I decided to start offering a line of Hair Accessories for dogs...Nothing like a Furry Kid! I will be adding those under the Little Pags Boutique Button on my shop very soon.
I have been taking lots of time out to play with the Princess though. She is talking up a storm now. Some of her new favorite words are Ball, Hi, Bye, Choo Choo (with the hand motion of course), Hat, Hot, and EEEEWWWEEEE when she thinks something is gross!

Thanks for reading! Remember to smile and hold the door for a stranger, it just might brighten someone's day!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I am so happy to announce the Grand Opening of Log Cabin Crafters. I have been waiting for this for a very long time. I owe it all to my brilliant son...Sean Kindness! Without him I wouldn't have been able to open. Please go click here: and check it out. Please come back and leave me some comments or suggestions. I must admit first that I have not completely critiqued it. I was so excited to open that I did not go back and check for spelling errors etc... I will be running some Grand Opening Specials next week when I get more products listed so please check back.


Sunday, February 8, 2009

Winner of the February Giveaway!


Congratulations Holly, I really hope you enjoy them.

I have been very busy with my oldest son Sean, creating my new website It has been in the works since 2005. It is quite funny that I went through 2 web designers and 2 web hosts, 3 years of wasted monthly payments for a shop that was never opened and here my son just started looking around my new Primmart shop and has figured it out in minutes! I am so excited and can't wait until opening day. I will keep you posted!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

February Giveaway !!!!!!

Better late than never...I have been sort of crazy and didn't get to post on Sunday. What else is new right?! So I am giving away a set of 4 Heart Bowl Fillers. They are sooo cute and 100% made by me.

Sorry the bowl is NOT included in this giveaway.

So here are the rules: I am sorry but the giveaway is open to US residents only! (1)Please leave a comment here for a chance to win. (2) For another chance to win go to either of my Etsy shops and leave a comment about a product that you like. (3) For another chance to win become a Follower of my blog and leave me a comment letting me know you did. Please make sure you leave me a valid email address or another way to get in touch with you.

I will choose a winner on Saturday, February 7th at midnight. I may use to choose the winner if I can figure out how to...LOL I will notify the winner on Sunday morning. Good luck and thanks for your interest in my products!!!!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Anniversary Weekend!!!!

Well this Saturday is our wedding anniversay! 5 wonderful years of non stop happiness!!!! Yeah, right, who am I kidding. We have had more troubles then most (the loss of a child, his "friend" embezzeled all the money from his company and left us holding the IRS issues, the ups and downs of raising his, mine and ours, then his leaving and not speaking to him, child support, loss of our log cabin on 10 acres and our vehicles etc..but we remain strong through it all.. He is my best friend! We will probably just stay at home like we always do and celebrate with a glass of wine and a big fat kiss!LOL

I decided on the Heart Bowl Fillers for the February Giveaway!

I will post the rules for the contest in my next post! I will run the contest the first week of February. These bowl fillers are handmade by me. The actual bowl fillers that you receive may differ from those pictured here. They may differ in sayings and colors.
I wanted to take a moment and tell you about a product I received in my Out of the Box Sampler. It was from a Company called Twist of Taste. She also has a Etsy Shop. Her Chocolate breakaways and Covered Pretzels are to die for. I emailed her to let her know that we loved it and will be back for more. Turns out she lives right near me too. Check out her products it is worth the look and also go to to see what Michelle has in store for Februarys box.
I also have a few other things that I have purchased from Etsy sellers that I would like to tell you about: I got the most adorable necklases (one for me and one for Ava) from Reillybelle shop. Here is the link to the necklace
The other was an adorable Diaper Bag from Cutestitch's Etsy shop. Here is link to the bag I got her prices are great and I love the personalization of name, hair color etc...
Until next time enjoy your weekend everyone;)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Wild Weekend!!!!

Wahooo! I finally got out with an old girlfriend for the first time in about 3 years. We had such a great time catching up at a TGI Fridays. We laughed our heads off over salad and wine... Then I ran to the store for 2 more bottles of wine for me and Daddy! Our Anniversary is January 31st. Of course, I had to open 1 bottle and have another glass or two with him.

I was trying desperately to get on the computer today to post but Ava just runs right over and starts crying for me to pick her up then the fun begins...she starts grabbing everything on my desk and pressing all of the keys on the keyboard! Here is a pic of that:

I was not the only one catching up with some old friends...My oldest son Sean looked up an old friend (Krista) and she stopped over to hang out with us. We haven't seen her in about 8 years. It really makes me feel old! Here they are all grown up: I also want you guys to check out the April Showers Blog for her giveaway it looks some good stuff. I entered and you may want to too. Look to the right for her button.

So I am trying to decide what my giveaway should be for February??? Should I giveaway a necklace or heart bowl fillers? Show me some bloggie love and let me know what you would like.