Thursday, January 22, 2009

Finally! Getting Back to Norm.

Wow things have been crazy around here. Unfortunately my entire family came down with that horrible virus that has been going around. I even tried dissinfecting everything after each family member got sick but it didn't work! It has taken me longer to get over it than everyone else in my family. I just starting feeling better from the virus and I got Mastitus AGAIN.... And then diagnosed with PostPartum Arthritis. It is so much fun getting older!!!! And all of this while celebrating my Birthday and then my son Braeden's Birthday.

We are very focused on getting Sean (Private Kindness) ready for his Army training! He has been vigoruosly working out..So much so that he can hardly walk the next day. He is so excited about it and I know he will go far...

On the Business front....I am currently working on Spring designs for hair clippies. I will be adding some Tissue Cozies to my Log Cabin Crafters shop soon. I have been waiting like everyone else who makes children's products for the other shoe to drop. Not sure whether I should be creating things for kids or not. I am hopeful that they will realize what they are doing regarding this law and make the proper changes to it. Though the letters that I have read from State Senators in response to some other crafters concerns has not been very positive...Almost like they are not really listening.. I will have my fingers crossed until then.

I will be doing monthly giveaways...So please check back often. And speaking of Giveaways...I want to Congratulate Michelle of Out of the Box Sampler for winning my credit card wallet. Michelle it is on it's way to you...enjoy!