Saturday, March 10, 2012

Gettin My Move On

Good Saturday Morning! These last few weeks have been so busy for us. My oldest son (Sean) was home from the Army for the week with his GF, her son & his daughter. We had a huge family party at my house and it was so much fun. The room was filled with Love and Laughter!
Then we got sick...My daughter got it then I got it. Still have a fever and sore throat today :(  It is all good though because we got it out of the way before the BIG MOVE...Yup I said it. We are moving AGAIN next week. I cannot wait.
Spring is in the air and I cannot wait to get settled in and start crafting...I want to make some bunnies and carrots, faux flowers of fabic etc..The shops will remain open through it all...I must be crazy lol
I posted a Sale on Log Cabin Crafters for 10% Off your Total Order with Coupon Code MARCH12.
As always Thanks for Reading