Monday, April 13, 2009


Okay! I am ready to admit it, I am a Scrap-a-holic...Who knew? I mean how could I have known it would happen to me?LOL
Thanks to an old H.S. friend who recently took me Scrapbooking with her and I saw and touched all of these neat Scrapping toys...I had to have it! Like I already have every tool possible for every imaginable craft! I thought my DH was gonna die! It bit me and so I of course went to Ebay and bought myself the Cricut Machine and then I had to have the Cuttlebug....Does it ever end? I am having so much fun....So as usual to reason the purchase to my DH I have to sell some of my creations. I will be listing flower packets for scrapbooking in my Etsy shop by the end of this week.
So I really need to know if anyone uses their Cutterbug to cut out fabrics or wool felt shapes? This was my purpose for buying it and I have not been successful at it so far.
On the other business front: I have some new necklaces that I will be listing on Log Cabin Crafters Eshop this week. Check em out:
I have been seeing a huge jump in Etsy sales lately. I sincerely hope it is because people are buying more, not because others have closed their shops.
I am going to be busy packing to move AGAIN! That is move #3 in 3 years. Atlease I am almost totally clutter free now!LOL
Well until tomorrow.. Jen