Sunday, May 16, 2010

Being a Couch Potato

Well I got my foot surgery last Tuesday and I am having a hard time sitting on the couch. I hate watching TV and I can't do my crafts because the princess is lurking, just waiting to grab my supplies and run away with them. This picture was a few hours after surgery and my dear Sister was my nurse maid for the day. My eyes look watery because of the pain meds and I brought home a cold too...literally within a hour of getting home I got a runny nose and felt horrible....Ugh
While I have not been able to create anything this week, I was able to add a new category to my shop. It is Fabric..I have lots of Homespun Fabric. I have only listed one so far but please check back as I will be adding more this week:

So until next time I will ice and elevate!
Thank for reading~ Jen