Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Enough All Ready!!!!

Hello Everyone!

I have been going through the most awful ordeal ever. I was not feeling well on Friday & Saturday nights..tummy pains. On Sunday January 30th I went to the ER and almost passed out waiting. They took me back and started the ususal poking and proding...I had a CAT Scan that showed my entire bowel was inflamed and infected, they also saw some sort of mass....WHAT??? Mass? OM Gosh..I was really scared but who knew that it was only going to get worse...Jan 31st was our 7 year Anniversary and we both forgot with all of this excitement going on. The next day was more meds and IV's and my veins were not helping...tons of sticks then the pain subsided and I really was starting to feel some what better (no tummy pain anymore). They decided to send me down for another CAT Scan to see how things looked now after several days of antibiotics. Well let me tell you my body did not like the 3 giant cups of orange tasting die...I have never suffered diarrhea like that..sorry for the TMI!!! Anyway, that night I was cleaning myself up and had lots of good news and feeling better about things. I was right in the middle of saying my prayers at around 12am and BANG my heart goes crazy..beating I believe it was about 190 bpm...I thought I was having a heart attack..I was already on the Telemetry floor but all alone and scared! I called my husband and with what breath I could muster I told him incase I don't make it through this I love you and please tell all of the kids I love them...It seemed to go on for 5-10 min. I am not really sure...It was the scarest thing I have ever experienced in my life..I really thought it was over. Anyway after several more tests they decided it was Acute Colitis and sent me home on Thursday evening. I am still weak, tired..and not 100% sure that there isn't something else lingering yet but at least I am home and feeling somewhat better. I am nervous to do the next two tests on the 22nd but want to know what is going on so I can relax or tackle it!
So glad to be alive!!!! Not working right now. I will update soon,
Thanks for reading...{{HUGS}} Jen