Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Playing Catch Up...

I am sitting here at 12:45am reading the blogs that I follow and posting comments... How crazy is that? I had a busy few weeks and things are starting to calm down...finally!

I sent some of my goodies into Out Of The Box Sampler for their April box...I really am excited about it. I hope I get lots of business from it....So head over and buy a box, you wont be disappointed.

I finally had an Etsy sale..I haven't had a sale there since November and I am still waiting for my first sale on I added a bunch of new stuff there too so check them out.

I really miss my sewing machine...It is calling me but I just cant find the time to sew. My head is realing with all of the ideas I want to start creating...BUT I just started a Crochet class tonight because I learned to Crochet when I was a little girl from my Grandmom and I only ever knew one stitch and couldn't read a pattern etc.. Now I know it was the Single Crochet Stitch I have been using all of these years! This lovely lady has given me homework and I am making a purse...We will see how it turns out.

Well off to get my beauty rest~