Sunday, June 6, 2010

Welcome to my CRAZY life!

Well as you know I have been recovering from foot surgery. It is much worse then I thought it would be. I still can't wear a shoe and the scars look gross. But it could be worse...Oh wait it is
Well we are moving on June 15th and got the call last week that we didn't want to hear...our new house is not ready yet. So in a desperate scramble we found a beach house for 30 days. And while this sounds GREAT to most people, I find it hechtic. All of my belongings will be in storage and NO internet???!!! OMG what will I do? No work? Just me and the baby all day everyday. My husband is now working in NY, which is great financially but it also means LONG days. I will be shutting down my shops while I am away and hopefully if everything goes smooth with the move I will be up and running again on July 19th.
In the mean time I have one definite show date: Pennride Community Day on July 11th, 2010. If you get the chance to come out to this show, stop in and say hello...
As always, thanks for reading,\