Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Love Family Gatherings!

Happy Holidays  Everyone!!!
I decided at the last minute to defrost my 20lb. Turkey and host a family party. We missed the Thanksgiving Family dinner and went to a friends instead this year, so I was really missing family. In all there was about 16 of us in my little country home but we had lots of fun. I made jello shots for the 1st time..he he and boy were they good. The others had a good game of Boggle going on, while I was trying to get skype on my computer to include my favorite Soldier and his family. It filled me with so much joy to be able to see my son Sean and his family on the computer. I cannot wait until he comes home in January...I have not hugged my oldest son in almost 2 years. I miss him deeply!
The morning after the party was a little tough. I stayed up unusually late and might have had a few drinks too many for me. After a while I realized that the headache I was having was on top of my head and the pain was raidiating down my face and I had a tingling on the whole side of my face for the entire day. I then woke up with it again the next day but the numbness was not as bad. Today I still have a headache....yuk!
I have only a few more things to shop for but just haven't been up to doing much of anything. Not sure if it has anything to do with the 6 injections I have been taking in my foot for the Neuroma but I think I am done with those. It isn't working and it hurts to walk so surgery is the next step. Blah blah blah...don't want to sound like I am whining!
 I am very excited for Christmas, especially when I look at my 3y/o daughter and see the excitement in her face when we talk about Santa coming. I love driving around in the car with her and listening to her ohhh and ahh at the different lights and decorations on people's houses.
I have no new creations to post as I have decided to relax until the New Year and then I will have lots of new things for you!
Thanks for Reading,
{{Hugs}}  Jen