Friday, May 17, 2013

BOGO Sale Continued...

Hi Everyone,

Happy Friday! I love Friday nights around here because it is Pizza night :) Yum! It is also my cheat night from my diet. Pizza and wine makes me one happy girl. Do you have any weekend plans? We have my daughter's T-Ball game and a Roller skating party. You know you are getting old when you worry about falling and breaking a hip...don't think I will risk it LOL I haven't skated since....I cannot even remember!

I have loaded a lot of New Products to my shops and decided to continue the BOGO 50% Off Sale on all Hair Clips and Headbands so please head over and take a look. You can find the links here: or


I found this adorable dress on Etsy at a shop called ChasingMini. You can find it here:
I can just picture one of my Hair Accessories with this dress...just so classic to me!

I hope you all enjoy your weekend!