Sunday, April 25, 2010

Trying to Relax....

I am always going in 20 different directions. Always having a tug-o-war with myself between what I want to do and what I should do. And to make things worse I have about 20 projects that I need to actually finish.. So this weekend I tried to force myself to relax, stop and smell the roses as they say. So here is what I did: We road around our 7 acres on my son's 50, trying to teach my little Ava to steer
Then we decided to go to a local Lake and throw down a beach blanket and go fishing...but of course I HAD to bring my knitting, I just can't sit. We had so much fun, believe it or not we caught 23 fish in one hour...22 Bluegill and 1 Rock soon as we cast the line out there was another fish on it..incredible!
We then got the call that they added the porch to our new home which is coming along beautifully!! YAY...I can't wait to move in... In fact I just purchased a beautiful bedroom set for my daughter!

Then back to my mind wandering and thinking about how I want to decorate the new place, which lead to the panic of wow I have to finish sanding and staining my bedroom dresser. I am staining it black and then priming it up by sanding the edges...Then to the new line of fabric jewelry I have to finish and load on the websites, then onto how much I need to complete before I have my never but I do wonder sometime if I will get everything done that I want to do before I die??? I sure hope so cuz my husband and kids would kill me if I leave all of that fabric and craft stuff laying around for them to clean up!!! Please check back by the end of the week, I should have some new original creations loaded.
Thanks for reading...Hugs