Tuesday, June 2, 2009

What a Good Idea!!!

Okay, so I was sitting and pondering the other night about what I could do to help myself at the Craft Shows. See my cheesy table cloth's are from the dollar store and they are very thin (not making enough money yet to afford real ones) so when the wind blows they lift causing my light hair clippies to go flying. I feel like a fool running to catch them or customers running to catch them (sweet but even worse). So I came up with this idea...I used pieces of old fabric and created these cute little nine patch quilts then stuffed them with pellets and fiber fill. I added a piece of ribbon for a loop then purchased the name tag clips from Walmart...WaLa Table Cloth Weights!!! I am pretty proud of myself. And they are cute too.

I have another show next Sunday at Peddler's Village, PA in Penn's Purchase Center from 11am - 5pm so come out and see me Under My Tent...LOL (No more sunburn for me thanks).

Thanks for reading.....Show me the $$$$$