Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sleepy Sunday!

Ahhhhh...Sunday Afternoon!
Baby and Daddy are napping, all of the other kids are out for the day and I am posting. I love my quiet time on the computer or what ever I decide to do in peace!!!

I decided to finalize my taxes and get them mailed out tomorrow...Horray! Here was my other project this weekend:

Yes.... another custom order for a Dippin' Dots Scrabble Tile Necklace from my Etsy shop. It is nice to see retail picking up. I also added a new Bow PonyO to my shop, here is the pic:
Just in case someone doesn't know what a ponyO is I added the picture to the right, hopefully it is self explanatory.
I love making these types of hair bows, I just wish my daughter would wear them in her hair for more than 2 seconds. She is constantly rubbing her eyes because her hair is dangling in them but as soon as I put a clip in it she rips it right out.! Oh well I am sure she will love them when she is older, cuz she already LOVES shoes..LOL right ladies!
Thanks for reading and please check back this week because I am gonna run another giveaway soon for some Hair Clips.
And Don't Forget to visit and sign up for the email notification to purchase your April Box...I'm in it! OH AND go to and click on the link for the Easter Egg Hunt it is gonna be lots of fun and I donated a Bunny Bucket as one of the prizes! OH OH and I am also running a 10% Off your 1st order in my site with Coupon Code: SPRING09
Blessings Yall~