Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Getting Excited for the BIG MAN in RED!!!

I stayed up late last night working on another Wall Plaque. I love making them but this is only the second one so I am still not very confident in my work yet. What do you think?
I am not exactly sure what to charge for them either...I am thinking maybe $6 - $8? Anyway, I was shopping and saw this beautiful wreath and I really wanted it but it was $30 and lets face it I think like a crafter...hmmm I can make that! So I grabbed myself a plain wreath and well...WALA here it is

I think it turned out okay! On my last post I promised I would add a picture of my Prim Mart Ornie Swap Tree, So here it is: 
Sorry it isn't the best picture but the Ornaments are so beautiful and everyone involved is so talented.
I decided to share some of my Holiday Decorating pics with you...I LOVE Elves...