Friday, September 30, 2011

Update and a Shout Out!

Hello Everyone,
Gosh things have been busy for me. In the last Month I had my oldest son come home from the Army with my Granddaughter. He was only here for about a week and a half but it was so good to see him again. It was almost a year since I saw him. My beautiful Granddaughter Laila is almost a year, and so darn cute.
Unfortunately while he was here he had pneumonia, that was scarey. Then my youngest son developed a sinus infection :( and now my daughter Ava has been very sick for the past 3 days with a very high fever. Needless to say I am exhausted!
We are preparing for our German Student to come in a few weeks, so exciting! We are really into Fall around here so he is going to get his fill of this season from us for sure :)
On the business front: I have been plugging away at some new hair clips and some new ideas. Here is one of my newbies: If you want this one in any other color just drop me a note in the comments section. You can find it here Little Pags Boutique (Shipping is already added into the price).
I wanted to give a shout out to Etsykids Team on Etsy! I am a part of this group (Etsykids ANE). It is a huge group of talented people selling their Handmade Treasures on Etsy. If you want something unique, give Etsykids a try. Go to and type Etsykids in your search on the Handmade tab. You won't believe what you find! Here is cute Fall hat from my group: Etsykids ANE
Thank you for reading and TGIF!!!!