Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Came and Went!

Wow, Christmas seemed to have come so fast and before I knew it, it was over! I really enjoyed Christmas this year. We kept it simple...NO CREDIT CARD USEAGE!!! Stayed within our budget and everyone got what they wanted.

I really missed Church this year though. Ava would have screamed through the whole thing. We went out to dinner for Christmas Eve and she only lasted 5 minutes and started crying...Toddler's oh what joy. Babysitter you say....Ha I wish! Here is my little stinker Ava. Here is the picture we sent with our Christmas Cards (Above)....And here is the real Ava

I don't think this one will ever be sent in a Christmas Card! Glad we can laugh about it!

I got some Scarey, exciting news this Holiday. My oldest son Sean (23 y/o) told me that he just enlisted in the US Army. Wow!!! I love him crazy and it scares me to death. But I am also so proud of him. We have some time before he leaves at the end of March. Here we are on Christmas morning together...Gee can you tell I am tired, I think the black circles give me away!

I got spoiled by Santa.... He is so good to me. And it is funny he still looks just like he did when we dated at the age of 14.

He got me a Blackberry phone and I have no idea how to use it but I will figure it out. I am pretty sure I can use it for sales at shows using email with PayPal??!!

Frank was also so gracious to model my finished Porta Portese Bag. This bag is so sturdy you can carry a laptop in it and there are no seems in the bottom so it will not tear. I will be adding these to my shop stop by and look at it if you are interested.

Funny now as I think of it, we were the same age as my youngest son Ryan (14) pictured here when we met in school.

I got another Out of the Box Sampler this month and Again WOW... Tons of Awesome samples. Whatever I didn't keep I gave away to my son's girlfriends. Earrings, Candles, bath soaps, body lotions, dip mixes....I will be more specific in my next post because I don't have the product names in front of me right now but want to blog about my personal favs....

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas or Happy Holiday and A Most Happy, Joyful New Year with Lots of Love all around you!!!! From my home to yours HAPPY 2009 Everyone!!!!