Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Work, Work, Work....

Wow...I have been working so hard on some final details of my new website! I can't believe how many hits I have already. I love Primmart! I have been working on tons of new Hair Clippies for and Vita Essentials Salon in Sellersville, PA.
I decided to start offering a line of Hair Accessories for dogs...Nothing like a Furry Kid! I will be adding those under the Little Pags Boutique Button on my shop very soon.
I have been taking lots of time out to play with the Princess though. She is talking up a storm now. Some of her new favorite words are Ball, Hi, Bye, Choo Choo (with the hand motion of course), Hat, Hot, and EEEEWWWEEEE when she thinks something is gross!

Thanks for reading! Remember to smile and hold the door for a stranger, it just might brighten someone's day!