Thursday, May 14, 2009

Never a dull moment in my life.....

Ha Ha had to add this picture of Ava on her 1st ever mall ride. She was terrified! Pour kid...No I didn't make her stay on it more than 2 seconds for this picture. I wouldn't want to scar her for life.

I have always been a big Eyore fan because I can relate to that big black cloud that follow's him around raining on him all of the time.
I am just shocked at the amount of mean, money hungry, selfish people there are in the world. Doesn't anyone believe in God anymore and believe in the Golden Rule and just plain kindness toward each other? Once again I have been a victum of a creep looking for money from my family that he does not deserve. How do these kinds of people sleep at night.
We are moving AGAIN....Hechtic but totally worth it for the space. BUT before we found this place we were looking at another place and thought we liked it after being rushed through it, then went to meet with owner to sign the lease and again were rushed and he sent his partner who was a double talker, liar and all around swindler. We reluctantly signed the lease and gave him a ck, he never gave us the lease.
The next day we walked around it outside and saw a ton of safety issues and called him and told him that we no longer wanted to rent it and why. He waited 2 days and called us threatening to take us to court and then demanded money from us so that he will just go away. This is shocking, I am not made of money and the only money we have to spare right now is to take our family to SC to see my son graduate from the Army. It just makes me sick...Thank goodness we took pictures of the property to prove the hazzards to our 2 y/o if we lived there because they were made aware of them twice in week and did nothing to fix it.
On a better note: I have my 1st show at Penn's Purchase in Peddlers Village coming up on May 23rd...Yah...Can't wait. I love meeting new people and seeing how much they enjoy my products. I have been creating tons of new clippies and necklaces etc.. I have been busy writing letters to Sean and creating handmade cards for him. Here is one of the cards I made for him this morning:

I am so excited to see him graduate and I can only imagine how handsome he must look in his uniform. I buy almost all of my graphics from Digiscrapkits. Her graphics are awesome!!! No Commercial license needed for her graphics ever!!!!! Well worth it. Anyway I am also working on some Military goodies, like necklaces and plaques. You should see them in my shop within a month or two depending on how well the move goes....LOL

If you have any thing in the Military Line that you would like to suggest let me know by leaving me a comment. This is new for me so I would appreciate the suggestions. It is also a great way for me to connect to other Military Moms, Wives etc...

Thanks for looking & listening!!!!