Thursday, March 19, 2009

What have I been up to you say? Well....

Here is a new set of clippies for spring..I loaded them onto my Shop and they sold within an hour! Horray!! They are on their way to Maine. Then I went ahead and loaded the Scottie. I LOVE Scottish Terriers. I was raised with one then bought 2 of my own (Mac and Alley). They had 17 Puppies that were so darn cute...Anyway long story short when we moved 2 years ago I had to give them away, we had to rent and weren't aloud to have pets :(
I miss them sooo much!
So if you are keeping track that is my second sale this month on Etsy...Let's hope retail picks up! On the other business front: Log Cabin Crafters has partnered with several other business' to run a Huge Easter Egg Hunt and the prize is gonna be Awesome. Go to and read all about it on the clickable link on my home page.
Also check out our samples in the April box from Out of the Box Sampler. I sent in several different product samples and discount cards. Hop on over to Michelle's shop and put your name on her mailing list so that you will be notified when they are up for grabs!!
On the home front things couldn't be better! The kids are loving the warm weather and so do I because they are outside most of the time...LOL I am getting lots of things done around the house and starting to look into creating some new products using Wool Felt. I have been a Scrapbooking Fool lately too...Gosh it is so much Fun.. I went scrapping with a few girlfriends from H.S. Last weekend from 5-12am What a blast!!!! I guess I will be making and selling cards soon too. What's next? I can see my husbands eyes rolling right now!
Till next time....God Bless