Monday, November 16, 2009

I'm Paying It Forward, Will You Help?

Not so long ago I was a single Mother of 3 little boys. We struggled financially but I was always too proud to ask for help. I gathered a handful of my jewelry including diamonds to take and cash in for some groceries, I only received $40. I didn't care it was food for my kids...One day a very sweet neighbor who's daughter played with my son, knocked at my door and handed me a box full of food. It was an entire Thankgiving dinner in a box...I cried as I took the box and I will never forget her compassion for me and my kids.
I am not one to donate money as I am always suspicious of where it is actually going. This year a friend sent me some information on the opportunity I have been looking for to give something back. The Opportunity Council of Bucks County has allowed me to sponsor a family in need for Christmas. I am so excited about this!
As some of you may know I lost my home in 2006, and we have struggled to get back on our feet but we are doing it! I know I can give this family the minimum of $30 per person but with your help I can do so much more...
My Adopted family is a 32 y/o Mom, a 14 y/o girl and a 9 y/o boy. Mom got laid off from her job and is struggling to make ends meet. She needs clothes and help with utilities, food etc.. The girl needs a winter coat and the boy loves football and sports...The one thing the boy asked for was an xbox 360 or DS i, he knows they are expensive but listed it anyway.. If you are willing to donate money, gift cards to Redner's, JCPenny, Marshalls, Ross etc.. I will gladly send you a receipt for a tax right off if you would like. I will also take a picture of the items we were able to donate before I drop them off.
You could mail them to me at: Janette Paglianite, PO Box 125, Ferdale, PA 18921 or you can send money through PayPal to: (just note that it is for the Adopt a Family Christmas in the notes)
Please Help Me, Help Them!
God Bless,