Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tree Is Decorated!!!????

Well we decorated the Christmas Tree just the way you have to when you have a toddler lurking to eat your tree decorations! Ha, Ha... Funny how you forget all of these things when your children are grown and you wish for a baby again. Not that I am complaining mind you, I couldn't imagine my life without her smile and crazy giggle!!!! But boy I realize that at 41 I just don't have the same energy that I had in my 20's:( Funny how this picture makes my house look like it is leaning. huh?

So....Back to Business
I have so many unfinished projects just waiting to be completed, such as this little cutie up on my shelf. Doesn't she look devilish? I just can't decide what type of clothing she should be wearing.

Or the Wall Decor...Initals, Names, Or Maybe Clippie Holders????!!

Then there are the newest Scrabble Tile Pendants. I love these, they are so much fun to make the possibilities are endless. But as you can see I am not a Photographer by any means!!! I really need to take better pictures for my Etsy Shops and I have pretty expensive software for that purpose but it just isn't my THING. I guess that is why I have never been FEATURED in anything....Oh well, I won't loose sleep over it.

Does anyone ever really read this? I feel like I gave up writing in my diary and started a blog that is only read by me....LoL
Seriously...I love what I do and I am very blessed to be so creative I know but I wish I was only really good at one craft, it would make my life so much easier and cleaner...Ha, Ha.. If you knew me well you would laugh because I have sooooo many craft supplies that I had to get a storage unit for it all when we moved into a smaller house...
That's what is on the craft front for now, Ta Ta!