Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Whatcha working on Wed.?

Here is the Tooth Fairy Pillow finished!!! Yay.. I will be listing it in my shop tomorrow. I am also working on some new Hair Pretties for the Spring.

I had to mention the tragic death in our family last weekend...It has been so hard to watch my brother Dwight and his wife Rose go through this horrible ordeal. Rose's son Billy suffered a brain anurism last Sunday, he was only 23 years old and only married for a short time. He was a nice kid and always smiling. I know my SIL is in for a rough road especially when my nephew Danny starts asking for his big brother. My love and prayers go out to both of them....The funeral is on Friday.

We are also looking at houses AGAIN, there are just too many things wrong with our current rental but I am really not looking forward to moving...UGH

Thanks for reading,