Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hot Enough for Ya?

Hi Everyone,

Sorry I have been absent for a bit but you know how life gets in the way! I went on a wonderful and very relaxing vacation to Ocean City, MD. It was hot there and now it is blazing here in PA too. I am looking forward to some cooler temps, especially now that my sweet 4 y/o has learned how to miniature golf. Looks like we will be doing lots of that now. Ahh soon as I got back everything went crazy again. I got the call from my oldest son that he is deploying for Afghanistan on Oct. 19th. I don't really think I need to write how I am feeling about that! My other son had a motorcycle accident 2 days ago...he is okay...don't think I really need to write how I feel about that Motorcycle either! My daughter got sick AGAIN..oui and their have been numerous robberies in my neighborhood in the last week.
I am opening my Little Pags Boutique store, hopefully by next Monday so please check back for details. I would love to hear your comments on the look, layout etc..I am also opening Log Cabin Crafters again but that will be at a later date.
Thanks for reading and please check back as I am getting back into the working swing of things.
As always thanks for reading!