Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Buy & Save Handmade

We'll It has been challenging to try to post even for a second. I had to put the Princess in Lockdown as you can see just to type for a second!

Please help to spread the word about saving Handmade. EtsyKids and EtsyBabys have teamed up to show everyone the products that we will no longer be available to sell if the new law passes as it is written regarding children's products. If you go to http://www.etsykids.com/ you can read more about it. We are together running a promotion from Jan 9th to February 9th and if you go to this link http://shopetsyBABY.com/CPSC you will see the individual specials that each store is running. I will be running 10% Off your entire purchase in both of my Etsy shops: logcabincrafters.etsy.com and littlepagsboutique.etsy.com

I have been staying up late at night to try to read other people's blogs and grab others button etc... I still don't have this all down yet, I really feel like I am floundering but I wanted to say thank you to those of you who are now following me and the very nice comments you have left me...Especially those about my son going into the US Army...It is helping to renew my faith in mankind. I was really starting to think that people just don't care about anything important anymore or others... You are some good people and I am glad to know you.

I still have lots to blog about but I need to get crafty now that Ava is sleeping...finally! I need to get started on my Valentine's and Spring Hair Accessories... Always running late for everything these days!LOL oh well.