Monday, December 27, 2010

Have New Year Resolutions?

Hi Everyone, I truly hope you all enjoyed your Holiday! I am looking forward to the New Year for SO many reasons. I have made a few resolutions for myself/life this year. 1 is GET TO THE more being a lazy bones and 2 Learn to work from home and still have a life filled with fun and is a lot harder than you think! I am always at work WITH a toddler..ugh What are your resolutions?
So was Santa good to you??? He was VERY good to me...Diamond Heart Necklace and a Cropping Station for Scrap booking...sweet! My DH also took us all out on Christmas Eve to a fancy restaurant called The Ferndale Inn and it was relaxing, delicious and I didn't have to make it! I did drink a bit but it's all good! ha ha
This was the 1st year that I had all of my wrapping finished before Christmas Eve...ahhh so nice. I am looking forward to hitting all of the sales at the mall tomorrow. They have great prices this year.

I am working on some new Baby Head Bands for Little Pags Boutique and I will have them loaded by January 2nd on my Etsy Shop and Log Cabin Crafters Shop.

I also have my son Sean and his family coming home from Ft. Bragg, NC to see us all with the new addition. I cannot wait to get my hands on my Granddaughter! We have used Skype a few times but it just isn't the same without the soft kisses and baby smell...I will post again soon and in the mean time have a safe and Happy New Year to All!!!
Hugs, Jen