Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Easter Decorations and Party Planning

Hi All,

I have been MIA from my blog. I posted about a Birthday Party for my Brother some time ago and it got pushed back to April 16th. I am so busy with party details these days. I also decided to return the Princess to daycare...Yay! NOT...she started on Monday then went on Tuesday and by Thursday she was running a 101 temp. with a stuffy/runny nose. I was up with her for 3 nights straight. I took her to the Pediatrician on Monday morning and she has double ear infections. I really hate this for her and myself. She begs me to take her to daycare because she misses her friends and I want to take her because I NEED a break but I can't stand how sick she gets everytime. Hind site, I really wish I had another baby right after her. She is basically an only child. On a better note, being older (3 1/2) she is taking the antibiotics like a trooper. No tantrums!
     I created an Easter Tree. It is decorated with all of my own handmade ornaments...except for the dollar store eggs. Oops need to clarify..The grungy Bunny was my own original design the others were blog pattern freebies. I just got started so there aren't a lot so far. Here is a picture

I am also working hard on some new hair clippies. I have had some wonderful offers to place my Hair Clips into some high profile places...hopefully my business will pick up.

I have been working on some new Headbands also. I have decided to get back into quilting. I will be selling some quilted Beach Blankets from my selling blog as soon as they are finished. Be sure to check it out at Log Cabin Crafters I must admit that I am sort of burned out of Craft Shows and have not signed up for any thus far. I have a lot going on in my personal life right now. My husband has to have surgery on his finger in a few weeks..I am sure that is not going to be any fun. Then my #1 Army Soldier (Specialist Kindness) is talking deployment. I must admit that it scares me to dealth...he is 25 years old and still my little guy in my heart. Here is a more recent picture of my son. 
Okay enough..I have bent your ear for too long. As always, Thanks for reading!