Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Speechless??? Yeah Right! LOL

Holla Yall!

I am so over winter, how about you? We got a nice taste of spring weather the other day and I was full of energy. It felt SO good to be outside.
I was so bummed out to have to shut down my website yesterday :( BUT at the same time there are a lot of changes coming my way and I am looking forward to it. I usually don't like change but I have had too much drama in my life lately and I am literally excited to leave it all behind me! I think it is hard when you make your life about your children and then they grow up and move away, have lives of their own and you stand there and think "Now what?" This is my chance to have the life I have always wanted...to travel, have fun, let loose. We are talking about moving again...Insane!!! I know..how many times can a family move? Well the flooding in the basement of this new home didn't help. I can smell the mold already! Not good for the Princess...
So I was thinking Texas might me nice...I can start carrying my gun around in my holster...ha ha  Just kidding! Seriously I have an old HS friend there and I am so ready to get away from PA!!!
I will be starting a selling blog for Log Cabin Crafters. Of course you can still find my products on Etsy for now...Both of my shops are here on the right hand side and click the store name to be taken right there. If you are looking for something particular just send me an email...I don't always list everything I make there.
In the meantime...the Princess and I will be doing Ballet and maybe going back to school!