Thursday, September 10, 2009

Loving This Fall Weather!!!

I love the fall....It is my favorite time of the year! The smells and colors, Carnival and Craft Shows etc... I also get the itch to quilt in the fall. I am working on a beautiful Quilted Tree Skirt for myself...I will post a pic when it is complete.
Life has been busy as usual. My oldest son Sean, who is in the US Army is on the move again to who knows where in about a month...So I am anxiously awaiting the state/country where he will be going. My middle son Braeden has just signed his 1st lease on a apartment with his cousin and will move out on Sept. 24th. Exciting for him but I am a bit sad and nervous for him. Then Ryan is back to school and taking College level english class and he is only in 10th grade. Then let's not forget the Princess who is in the terrible 2 stage!!!! Ahhh, It's all exhausting...
I have been busy creating some fall goodies for my shops that I will be adding tonight. Here are some pics:

I will be running some fall specials so check and for details!

Have you started your Christmas Shopping yet??? I have...Yeah!

Thanks for reading,