Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ahhh Just Enjoying the Little Things!

Hi Everyone,

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, I did! I ran into an old co-worker in the supermarket of all places. He and I worked together 20 years weird that it has been that long. It was really good to see him though. My sister stopped over with 2 of my nephews on Saturday and we laughed and talked. She was full of smiles and so happy.  I love my sister's boys too..all 5 of them, they are so sweet and well behaved!
I have really stepped back and looking at life differently lately. It really feels good too! I spent the weekend doing a little sewing. I have to get this  Gingerbread Girl Ornament in the mail to my friend and it is coming out so cute. I will post a picture soon. Oh yeah and Friday my 3 y/o and I made a heart shaped pillow for Valentine's Day. She did a great job but then pulled it apart later...oh well!
I just had to write this...I found out today that I have a blog stalker! How creepy! Her name is Linda and she is from somewhere in a very dark place from Our past. When I blog I usually type feeling that I am writing to friends, family from a far, and customers but never stopped to think that sad scarey, unhappy, mean people would be reading my blog just to find out things about myself and my husband...I just wanted to share this because you might want to rethink what you write and WHO is reading it!!!!
Thanks Again for Reading {{{{HUGS}}}

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