Wednesday, December 8, 2010

So Tired Lately!

Hello all of my faithful followers and any other blog skimmers who have taken the time to read this!!
I have been so tired lately! I did burn the midnight oil for a few weeks but jeez, I just can't seem to catch up again. I think it could be the thought of knowing that I have no more craft shows coming up too. My though process now is to get the house clean for the Holidays and relax with family and friends, but it seems that my body has other plans. My little Princess has not been feeling well either with a stomach virus of sorts.
I got a nice big custom order for a little girls birthday party from my last show. I finally got it finished today..I hope she likes them
I them thought well while I have the stuff out I might as well work on some here is a cute little Hello Kitty Fairy Pendant I did.

 I am going to focus on the website and make changes and add more products...Please come on over and check them out:
Until Next Time, Thanks for Reading

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Collyott Farms said...

Those are really cute - hard to find nice "little girl pendants"!!

Great job